Why give?

Call City Vineyard your home church? We encourage you to contribute regularly as a way to sow into your local church community. God is generous with each one of us therefore we are generous with each other in finances, affection, and resources. Donations are not a prerequisite to enjoying the rich community life at City Vineyard.

Feel called to contribute to our work?

Know that we welcome your support but trust God for our provision. Since we practice Simple Church as a value we have low overhead. We have no full-time staff and no building to maintain. This allows us to contribute most of our budget directly to our mission. This has direct impact on our neighborhoods and our neighbors.

Want to contribute to specific initiatives?

Community Dinners

A lot of Jesus’ life was spent around the table and the early church often gathered around a shared meal. We hold a monthly community dinner with our neighbors regardless of economic need. In our hurried and distracted world the shared table helps us be present to each other, hear one another’s story, and shape our worldview based on relationships not detached ideologies.

Affordable Housing in North Portland

We believe that a diverse community leads to human flourishing. When communities become ethnically, socially, or financially homogenous they begin to die. Therefore we regularly partner with local housing organizations to help provide affordable housing opportunities in North Portland.

North Portland College Fund

Each year we contribute to the higher education of a student from the local neighborhood. Each applicant illustrates how they’ve been dedicated to fostering community in North Portland. The funds are released directly to the student’s college or university to go towards on campus housing, tuition, and/or books and fees.